Testimonials – Car Title Loans in Oxnard

At Silver Palace Title Loans, we have many satisfied clients walk out of our doors with cash in their pockets. We can tell you how we’ll approve your loan quickly and how you can receive up to $20K in cash in 1 hour. We’ll also tell you that our 24 hour service is professional and you can be approved without credit checks. But don’t hear it from us. Hear it from our clients, who got the financial assistance they needed.

The measure of any good business is their ability to create positive testimonials from the customer’s they have served. Silver Palace Title Loans has devoted much time and effort into ensuring consistent and complete customer satisfaction with our Car Title Loans in Oxnard service.  It has often been said that attitude is 90% of any venture. We have the right attitude about customer service and it is quite apparent in the testimonials we receive on a daily basis. Below we have listed some of those comments from happy title loan recipients.

“I don’t have real bad credit, but it was bad enough to sway me away from a bank loan. I passed a Silver Palace Car Title Loans in Oxnard and thought why not give them a try. Best decision I ever made. They hooked me up with a title loan on my vehicle and I have the cash I needed for a nice family vacation.” – Brian, CA

“Before I do business with anyone I need to feel comfortable with them. The staff at Silver Palace Car Title Loans made me feel like an old friend when I stopped by to apply for an auto title loan. They issued me a check a very short time after I applied and I am pleased to say it was a very satisfying customer service experience.” – Charlie F

“When I found myself in grave need of money in a hurry I wasn’t really sure where to turn. Fortunately I remembered hearing about a place that provided auto title loans in Oxnard. I gave the team at Silver Palace Car Title Loans a call and before I knew it my title loan was approved and my financial problem was put to rest.” –  Sheila P, California 

“When it comes to an auto title loan this was not my first rodeo. Several years back I ran into a little financial trouble and turned to this team for help. I was in a rut then and they helped me out. I paid off the loan and all went well. Recently I needed money again and looked them up once more. They quickly provided me with another loan. Thank you Silver Palace Car Title Loans for always being there.” – Jenny